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Job offerings.

AoIG offers to Chess and Bridge professionals advertise your services with AoIG.
What are the benefits?

  1. AoIG will help you to reach much broader pool of potential customers.
  2. AoIG will act as your agent only with new customers, you can continue to work with old one – the same way you did before.
  3. AoIG will work as a regulation and certification body. It will take the mystery out price structure and advertise your services in more innovative way.

Job training.

AoIG helping local charitable organization to raise money through the charitable gaming events (most of them featuring Poker Tournaments).

AoIG will help you (qualified charity) and your provider (owner of the place, where event will take place) receive special licenses from the state.

AoIG will train your volunteers to be poker dealers, on a level of a casino operation and guide you through the event organization procedures.

Call AoIG (847)-778-5259 today to make it happen !!!

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